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Brownland Farm is the staging area for 10 Premier USEquestrian Hunter/Jumper Horse Shows, steeped in tradition (several running for more than 25 years). It is also the Middle Tennessee playground for local/regional horse shows recognized by the MTHJA. Brownland Farm is also proud to serve as the backdrop for two CTDA Dressage Shows, and in recent years for the AHJA Year-End Show. In 2017, Brownland Farm saw an unmet need in the Eventing Community for a place to have Show Jumping Schooling opportunities. It hosted the first Show Jumping Extravaganza and looks forward to helping the equestrian community again for future opportunities.
Brownland Farm was originally purchased by the Brown family in the early 1950's. Prior to purchasing the property and in the next several years after Mr. Brown purchased it, the land was used as a true working agricultural farm. Click Here for Tennessee History Crops of wheat, soybean, corn, and alfalfa were all grown here throughout the years. One of the Browns, Margaret "Sissie" Brown, was an avid equestrian, competing in both the Open Hunter divisions and Horse Trials. Because of her passion for riding and horses, in 1963 she began teaching riding lessons to other local horse enthusiasts in the Nashville area. A few years later in 1969, she married Mack Anderton, who also shared her love of horses, and together they added a breeding program and continued to build their lesson program. They, along with a few other Middle Tennessee Natives, also started running The Nashville Charity Horse Show in 1971. 

Then in 1975, the horse operations moved a few miles North to Moran Road. During this time Brownland Farm developed a reputation for breeding sought after pony hunters because of stallions like Brer Jeremy Fisher, Conway High Honors, and Brownland's Peanut.  Because they bred so many animals, they were able to create their own arsenal or "horse power", or lesson stock. This unique situation opened the doors to many more people whom otherwise could never afford to learn to ride or spend time with horses and ponies. As the success of the breeding and lesson programs continued to grow, so did the demand for horse shows in the area. In 1989, as fate would have it, the property on Moran Road was sold to country music superstar, Alan Jackson, and the operations returned to Hillsboro Road in 1990. By 1992 all of their horses and ponies were to call 1155 Hillsboro Road their permanent home. 
With the combined success and demand for competitions increasing, Brownland Farm stepped up its horse show schedule by offering more A and eventually AA rated Hunter Jumper Horse Shows. In 1997, Brownland Farm, chosen by the USEF (formerly AHSA), hosted the US Pony Finals. This incredible event was received with all the southern hospitality imaginable, and from that date on, exhibitors came to know Brownland Farm as the friendliest horse show around.  
Fast forward to today, 2018, as Brownland Farm enters its 55th year, we look quite different than our original roots. This is expected with the dynamic world in which we live. Today, Brownland Farm's successful horse shows have trumped the breeding and lesson programs. The books on the breeding program closed in the early 2000s. This led to the natural evolution of the lesson program as the number of Brownland Farm owned animals decreased.  In order to compliment our beautiful, highly competitive and thriving horse shows our lesson program now caters to those students and animals wishing to pursue riding to the highest level of their capabilities. To mark the end of the breeding program era at Brownland Farm and to add a feather in the cap for Ms. Sissie, the VERY LAST Brownland baby, Brownland's Miss Kimmy, won the Small Green Pony Championship during the 2014 season. 

Through all of the change, two things have remained constant: Brownland Farm is still known for being one of the friendliest horse shows in the country;  and Brownland Farm still boasts one of the most beautiful horse show grounds in the nation.  It also still remains in small company as a privately-owned horse show facility.
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Brownland Farm
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