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Southern hospitality at a premier equine venue. 

Brownland Farm strives to make each competitor and horse feel at home. Our spacious and scenic facility caters to the horse and allows them to feel at ease just as if they were at home.

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Thank you all for making 2020 such an amazing show year! 

Sissie is doing well. While the memory decline associated with all types of dementia progresses, personality change is not always evident. Fortunately for our Sissie, she is still the same sweet lady who loves a good laugh. Thank you to Sue Ashe, Sissie’s BFF, for being able to have daily FaceTime calls with her while here judging. Thank you to TJ LeBlanc, Tim Hott, David Jennings, Alex Granato, Josh Dolan, and everyone else who was able to visit with her via FaceTime or in person. This disease is cruel in that it steals memories, but in the moment Sissie was so joyful! While she cannot keep the memories, we can for her.

The 2021 show dates are posted on this website. We are excited to announce we will be having 12 AA/Premier shows in 2021! Be sure to follow/like Brownland Farm Horse Shows on social media for updates on show offerings in 2021!!

Thank you to everyone who tagged Brownland Farm Horse Shows on social media during the 2020 season. We are sharing many of your pictures in our 2020 show highlights gallery. Continue #brownlandfarmhorseshows your photos with us next season!

There has been an elephant in the room much of the year regarding our farm and our horse shows. We want to make it crystal clear that our horse shows are not ending. We’ve just added 2 Premier shows to our calendar for 2021! ALL of 2021 will take place at our current location. IF the property sells (it has been under contract since spring of 2019) we are already planning the new location. There are several spots that have been uncovered with exciting opportunities at each.

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Unparalleled, top-level competitions built on tradition.

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Over half a century of equestrian history on one of the most beautiful venues.

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